Costs for Paid Work Placements/Internships in France, Spain and UK

Visa  for France                                                                      £87

Visa for Spain                                                                         £63 (varies)

Visa for UK (Non-Europeans) and Sponsorship           £768

Place Rec USA Fee                                                               £411

Enrolment Fee                                                                      £267

Programme Fee                                                                    £686

Total Fee for France                                                           £1451

Total Fee for Spain                                                             £1440

Total Fee for UK  (Europeans)                                         £1387

Total Fee for UK (Non-Europeans)                                 £2155

Fees include meals during working hours, basic housing in shared room, and cash compensation £77 – £231 per month for hospitality placements/internships. Also a little discount when enrolling early and quickly. Also includes interview training, placement coordination, Visa assistance, university accreditation, certificate of completion for hospitality placements/internships, housing guide for professional placements/internships and local support.