• For placements in Spain and Portugal,I will be sending application documents from Puromundo for you to fill in. In returning them I will be asking for a deposit of £100. For work experience in Europe,I will be asking for your CV and a deposit including fee of £100 You will lose your deposit if you drop out at this stage. If a position can not be found for you,then the deposit is refunded.

An  interview will be arranged through the co-ordination of Place Rec EU and the placement company for hotels and resorts in Spain and Portugal. For winter and  summer resorts, Place Rec EU will examine your CV, and find suitable positions to           apply online for.

  • Successful Interview
    1. Place Rec EU will send you an invoice for full payment. There will be documents to fill in from the placement company.
  • Unsuccessful InterviewPlace Rec EU will try and arrange another interview for you.

           Insurance for Placements at Hotels and Resorts in Spain and Portugal

Every applicant must have a health insurance to cover accidents, death, permanent disability,sanitary assistance. All participants must also have the compulsory civil liability that covers personal liability for the practical training.

  • Flight and Insurance ProgrammeGood deals on flight tickets and insurance can be purchased through Place Rec’s contact with Flight Centre Ltd through using or call them on 0808 260 9907. Send flight information and details of arrival to Puromundo.