To help with your AHA application, please see the bullet pointed list below.

  • On the Non-US Citizen application form under the section Recruiting Partner Information, scroll down to Bill Jennings Place Rec USA Ltd, then the agency will be copied on all correspondence.
  • The US Embassy you will apply to is in London, Belfast or Dublin
  • The photograph must be a head shot and a smiling face. The photo must be saved on JPEG(“jpg/jpeg”) or GIF(“gif”) format and less than 3MB. If your photo exceeds 3MB it must be resized before uploading. Try Infraview a free programme to help reduce your photo.
  • You will need to submit a two minute introductory video.
  • When submitting your CV, you will need to have saved the document as Microsoft Word (“.doc”), Plain Text (“.txt”) or Rich Text (“.rtf”) format and less than 3MB.
  • Once the application is entered you can expect the following:
    1. An automated email from AHA stating the application has been accepted.
    2. An email from AHA outlining the date and time of the AHA interview. Requests to change date or time of interview or to use Skype should be sent to the email address shown on the interview notice.
    3. I will be asking for a deposit of £145, so you must be certain that you want a placement. You need to pay your deposit within 2 weeks, otherwise AHA will delete your application details. If AHA have made arrangements for an interview with a hotel or resort,and you decide to drop out,you will lose your deposit.
  • The AHA interview
    1. You need to call on your designated day and time. Calls can be made from land line or Skype but not cell phone. Please make sure you are in a quiet area for the interview to be conducted.
    2. AHA are looking for the following in the interview
      • Knowledge of AHA
      • Related experience or education
      • Attitude and Flexibility
      • Keen to participate in the programme, share your culture while developing interpersonal skills.
      • Willingness to return to Britain and share your experiences
    3. Interview will last about 20 mins
  • After the Interview
  • If the interview is successful an email from AHA will be sent with your AHA identification. AHA will tell you what documents are needed and how they are uploaded on to your electronic file through the Resource Library on AHA’s website. Once all documents are uploaded then a second interview can be arranged with the company you want to work for. The following documents would certainly be needed.
    1. An official letter on university letter head with dates of enrolment, course of study, and the expected graduation date. If already graduated then copies of degree or diploma.
    2. Reference letters of previous related work experience including position held, start and end dates of employment.
    3. Copy of valid passport
    4. Copies of any visas previously held for the USA.
    5. If you are applying for Summer Work Travel 3-4 months Programme then you would need a letter from the university stating you are a student there and are returning to continue with your studies.

    All of the documents need to be sent to AHA through their online “file upload” link.

  • The second interview will be arranged through the co-ordination of AHA with you, Place Rec USA and the placement company.  You must be certain before taking the interview you want a placement in USA , as once successful full payment will be due.
  • Successful Interview
    1. Place Rec USA will send you the training offer and AHA Welcome Kit. The kit will include an acceptance letter and agreement. There will also be an invoice for payment. In the acceptance letter there will be a “Due Date” for when all documents and payment must be received by, so your arrival date in the US or Canada can be made.
    2. Soon afterwards Place Rec USA will send a Training Plan/Placement Agreement form (DS 7002) for you to sign and send to AHA.
    3. AHA on-line Pre-arrival Orientation Form would need to be completed.
  • Unsuccessful Interview
  • You will be on AHA’s To Be Placed Listing, and the sponsor will try and arrange another interview. It is possible that AHA can decline you after being unsuccessful after 2 interviews.
  • Successful applicants 
  • Insurance
    Your insurance would go through International Plan/Multinational Underwriters. They are independent from AHA. All policies meet the standards set by the US Department of State’s J-1 Visa Regulations. AHA will organise the insurance.
  • Applying for the Visa
    Once receiving visa documents from AHA, Place Rec USA will assist you in applying to the US Embassy for your visa interview. Students with non British passports can still have their interviews in Great Britain.
  • Successful Visa Interview
    Most companies will have an orientation programme. AHA would need a 10 day notice of your arrival so everything can be properly arranged.
  • Unsuccessful Visa Interview
    You would be able to reapply. Generally it is because of lack of evidence on returning from the United States so additional information would be needed. A new appointment would have to be before or close to the planned arrival date to the US.

For USA  good deals on flight tickets and insurance can be purchased through Place Rec USA’s contact with Flight Centre Ltd through using or call on 0808 260 9907.