• Place Rec EU (Place Rec USA Ltd) will send your CV and any requirements to The Student Mobility. For suitable candidates a Training Agreement will be presented including a deposit of £172.
  • This will be refunded if a position can not be found for the applicants. The Student Mobility will search internships that fit the necessary requirements

The Student Mobility will organise the interviews between applicants and potential internship companies.

Once a candidate has been accepted by a company in Spain, the Programme Fee of £506(includes deposit), outside Spain £729(includes deposit) and Place Rec USA Ltd Fee of £343 will be invoiced to the candidate.

An applicant outside the EU would need to obtain a Student Visa costing £69.

  • Flight and Insurance Programme
    Good deals on flight tickets and insurance can be purchased through Place Rec’s contact with Flight Centre Ltd through using https://b2b.gapyear.com/place-rec-eu or call them on 0808 260 9907.