Costs for placement in USA

Costs for placement in a role are calculated according to the duration of the role request. AHA assist with housing and transportation. One can also earn USA Credential through AHA’s Professional Development Certificate.

Successful applicants earn an hourly rate. As a benefit, participants can pay a down payment, then pay the remaining programme fee while earning money in the USA. Payments are $100 per month. Payments are made via payroll deductions when available, in the event the company does not payroll deductions the participant pays AHA monthly via credit card or USA bank cheque. The cost of housing and daily transportation to and from the host site is usually not included in the hourly package.

On the Nationwide Locations applicants need to provide evidence that they can financially support themselves. They need to show they have funds of £1062 during their stay.

Nation Wide Locations

* Please note that costs do NOT include US Embassy Appontment Fee £123, and travel to the USA which must be purchased by the applicant